Everything you need in your company to
Hire Faster

Hiring Bull helps you and your team tocollaborate, align and hire faster!

Talent Acquisition

Career Site

Create a mobile friendly and hosted Career Site with beautiful UI for a better candidate experience.

Multiple Job Boards

Post to the best job boards(free/ paid) with the click of a button. Streamline all accounts from one place.

Social Advertising

Post job ads to social networks (like LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter) directly.

Facebook Jobs Tab

Add a jobs tab to your facebook page and sync your active jobs in real time with fb. No coding required

Recruitment Consultants

Inbuilt & exclusive Recruiter Portal for each of your external recruiters to help them manage their candidates and track their progress.

Employee Referrals

Encourage/Allow your employees to refer potential candidates from their existing networks to hire faster.

Chrome Extensions

Extract/ import LinkedIn profile of new prospect with ace skills and experience you plan to hire.

Gmail Add On

Push candidate resumes directly from your inbox to your Hiring Bull account with the click of a button.

Email Sourcing

Forward resume directly to a unique job e-mail address and Hiring Bull will create the candidate profile, adding it to the job’s recruiting pipeline.

Career Portal

Career Site

A beautiful career site with lots of customizations. Helps you boost your employer brand.

Embed Jobs

Use Hiring Bull Jobs widget to host your positions on your own website. Integration is seamless and feeds applicants directly to your hiring pipeline.

Custom Application Form

Customize your job applicant forms with unique parameters/ questionnaires for each of the job profiles.

Online Assessment

Prescreen/ Screen your candidates automatically with your custom online assessments designed for different levels of interviews.


Allow your candidates to take online assessments from anywhere while ensuring identity verification and cheating prevention.

Employee Referrals

An easy to use employee referral platform to allow your existing employees refer smart talent from their personal network.

Resume Management

Resume Parsing

Convert your unstructured resumes into easy to use, structured and searchable candidate profiles for quick actions.

Bulk Resume Upload

Drag/ drop resumes to Hiring Bull or upload directly from spreadsheets to your hiring pipeline/ talent pool.

Resume Search

Craft your search requirements to extensively scan within the candidate's profile and get your best prospects.

Multiple Resume Formats

Accept resumes in multiple formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF, PDF, HTML and convert them into unified candidate profiles.

Resume Repository

Maintain centralized repository of all your resumes and extract rich candidate profiles as and when required.

Duplicate Detection

Duplicate detection on custom parameters to highlight the candidates already in the job's recruiting pipeline.

Team Collaboration

Hiring Teams

Set your Hiring Teams for every job. Include multiple team members. Assign multiple roles. Engage them in recruiting efforts.

Internal Comments/ Feedback

Let your teams share their feedback/ post comments about the candidate. Let them collaborate to accelerate your hiring process with better outcomes.

Share Candidates

Share interesting resumes with your team. Get their feedback even if /p>

Recruitment Vendors

Inbuilt & exclusive Recruiter Portal for each of your external recruiters to help them manage their candidates and track their progress

Background Verification

Inbuilt Portal for Background Verification Agencies to allow faster, confidential pre employment background checks. Easier to be compliant NOW!!

Pre Onboardings

Orchestrate the transition from offer letters to integrated team members. Get your team involved early and efficiently & design a personalized welcome experience.

Talent CRM

Talent Pools/ Classifications

Build your talent network and keep track of your most promising talent over time. Classify/ measure/ filter the talent as per need.

Engage/ Communicate

Send targeted communications through customized email/ SMS templates for each prospect pool. Track all engagements on candidate's timeline.

Find/ Filter Talent

Cultivate the outstanding talent in your database and easily find/ filter/ search them on various key criteria when needed.

Hiring Pipeline

Create custom Hiring Pipeline for key positions. Engage candidates and hire to your satisfaction.

Rich Candidate Profile

View every interaction, notes and applications for a holistic understanding of each person's hiring lifecycle.

Pre Screen Candidates

Prescreen/ Screen your candidates automatically with your custom online assessments designed for different levels of interviews.

Custom Scorecards

Create custom scorecards for interviewers and leave less room for bias and guesswork. Heighten your chance of making a long-term hire.

Interview Kits

Create structured evaluation process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently.

Notifications & Schedules

Interview Scheduling (in Bulk)

Bulk schedule interviews/ online tests for candidates with the click of a button.

Calendar Intetgrations

Seamless calendar integration with Google Apps suite so that teams/ schedules are on track and managed optimally.

Automated Notifications

Create custom communication templates that fit your brand and set up automatic alerts/ communications for various events.


Hiring Funnel

So you can benchmark conversion rates at each stage in your hiring process and channelize your focus/ efforts in the right direction.

Source Reports

So you can identify from where applicants are viewing/ applying to your open roles and optimize your recruiting process.


So you can get actionable insight on the time required to fill up your open positions and make better, more informed hiring decisions.

Easy Exports

So you can easily export your recruiting data to spreadsheets and get simple, measurable insigths out of the box and improvise your hiring process.

Modern & Secure


Hiring Bull is Secure and Roboust. Data Security is our first priority. Hiring Bull is deployed on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


Hiring Bull is designed to handle your growing hiring needs with no drop in functionality, performance, or reliability.So you can upsize or downsize as quick as you need.


Hiring Bull frequently reassesses and quickly adapts to new technologies/ market changes to ensure you have the best and most modern recruiting tool in place...ALWAYS !!

API Integrations

Hiring Bull API allows you to go beyond features we provide and build custom wrappers better suited for your needs.

Online Compilations

An intelligent dashboard with necessary quick links and overview of the complete system.

On Time Support

Just on time support when you really need it. Online guides/ tutorials available for immediate reference.