About Taazaa people:


WeΓÇÖre growing! Turns out that our clients appreciate working with GREAT PEOPLE who deliver QUALITY SOLUTIONS. Our team needs a few more problem solvers to join our quest to:


  • Help like-minded clients build customised software solutions and leverage emerging technology.
  • Ensure that the people who use--and make--our software are free to flourish.


At Taazaa, our success is the result of one thing: Our People. We hire great, trustworthy people who are humble, smart and hungry to learn & deliver. That makes for a dedicated team who take pride in their work and love getting better.

Job Description

Essential Role & Responsibilities


  • Implement the desired architecture for the project assigned, with proficiency
  • Expected to work closely with the Project Lead in setting up timelines.
  • Expected to execute the created plan to achieve milestones.
  • Expected to participate in Client communication and be precise, complete while sharing information or seeking answers.
  • Expected to be a solution provider to the team members.
  • Expected to be a mentor to the team members.
  • Expected to establish standard and consistent coding practices.
  • Expected to be precise and complete in timely communications.
  • Expected to be a strong team player with passion for technology.
  • Expected to gain proficiency in most of mobile OS, specially Android and iOS, and ability to go platform agnostic
  • Expected to explore new tech stack and keep himself/herself and the team up-to-date.



Required Skills


  • Proficient in Java, Kotlin with SDK till the latest versions
  • Proficient in IDEs like Eclipse, Android Studio etc.
  • Proficient in creating stateful Apps that uses local storages, preferences and database like Sqlite, Firebase RT DB, Realm DB
  • Proficient in handling Push Notification and Socket Communication
  • Proficient in handling Google Play Services API and deployment process.
  • Strong knowledge of Collections, Multithreading, IO, Networking, Generics, Profiling
  • Proficient in Version Control Systems based on Git. Must know Branching strategies.
  • Nice to have proficiency in any Cross Platform stack like React Native, Flutter
  • Nice to have understanding of iOS and development in Swift
  • Nice to have proficiency in using Material to design views



Taazaa employees are those who:


  • Communicate effectively with clients and teammates.
  • Are self-motivated.
  • Learn quickly and continuously.
  • Curious about tech, people, and business.
  • Take responsibility for their work.
  • Enjoy purposeful collaboration.

Love giving and getting feedback that converts into action

Contact Details
Website: https://www.taazaa.com
Noida, UP